Monday, 16 May 2011

This week's plan of action

After a dull weekend with a poorly daughter  I am looking forward to a more exciting week!

I am planning to post about the faintly scandalous H A B Dealtry and, having finally tracked him down, A Staffieri.

I also want to revisit the cemetery.  I found myself there early yesterday morning while walking the dog and found several of the graves of men listed on the war memorial.  In addition, I noticed that it was the anniversary of the attack on the SS War Grange (I posted about it yesterday) - the five crew members who were killed are buried in the cemetery.  I managed to take photos of a couple of gravestones on my 'phone, but the dog really didn't like being there - she started barking (very unusual) and headed for the exit.  So, I shall be going back, photographing and also tidying up the graves a bit - they aren't a mess, just neglected.

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