Monday, 2 May 2011

Military Monday: This Week's Plan of Action

Coming this week:

  • Chronicling two men for sure - the man with the very Cornish surname - R A Nankervis, and the slightly mysterious H A Bray .  Maybe one more, see how it goes.
  • I will be adding links from my The Men page to the relevant post so that visitors can quickly see who I have posted about and find them more easily.
  • Adding to the Useful Stuff page.
  • I will be telephoning our local vicar to ask if I may photograph inside the church - I checked the UK Inventory of War Memorials and found that 84 of "my" chaps are commemorated on a plaque inside  - they were all parishioners.  There is also an individual plaque for R A Nankervis and various other memorials for servicemen.  Hopefully I will be able to share any names and photographs with for The Fallen.
  • I am interested in finding out more about the memorial itself - I know that its position was controversial at the time it was built and that some protested against it being erected.  If I have time I may contact the Town Council and Old Newquay Society to find out if they have any further information.
Check back soon!

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