About this Blog

This is my blog to remember the 89 men who are listed on the Newquay War Memorial as having lost their lives in World War 1.  I have been researching my own family history for many years, including the lives of my grandfathers and great-uncles who served during WW1.  It occurred to me one evening as I walked past the memorial that the men listed there may have no relatives left to remember them and their families, so I decided I would research them.

The sources I am using are the Commonwealth Graves Commission database, UK Soldiers Died 1914-1919, Medal Index Cards, Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes, England and Wales Census returns, National Archives of Australia and National Archives of Canada.  Sadly budget constraints (ie there is no budget!) mean that I am unable to double check information by ordering birth certificates etc.

You will notice that I am not workng alphabetically - no reason for that, just a whim.  My aim is to have the list completed by the centenary of the war in 2014.  I shall also be trying to include information on the men's regiments (eventually!).

I would also mention that the seed for this idea was planted when I read Helen Vail's blog.  Helen is visiting 100 New Zealand WW1 memorials in time for 2014 and documenting them on her blog - please pay her a visit at http://www.100nzmemorials.blogspot.com/.

Since I began this blog I've started writing more extensively online.  I publish a lot of my work at HubPages where I have a number of articles relating to World War 1.

Hope you enjoy reading about these unsung heroes and if you have got anything to add, please join in!