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  • The UK National Inventory of War Memorials is supported by the Imperial War Museum.  It has a searchable database of the country's war memorials which includes descriptions but not necessarily photographs or lists of names.
  • The War Memorials Trust is a charity dedicated to the protection and conservation of the UK's war memorials.  If you have concerns about the condition of a memorial this site will give you advice. The Trust have a downloadable factsheet on researching names on war memorials.  Also opportunities for volunteering and joining the charity (I have!). 
Names on Local Memorials 

  • Roll of Honour - site is aiming to list as many memorials, and those listed thereon, as possible.  Arranged by county.
  • Tintagel - local men who fell in both World Wars are listed together with details of their regiment, date of death, resting place and parents.
  • Paul Parish Church - local church website for Paul, Penzance, has list of names of fallen in both World Wars together with brief details. 
  • Shirehampton Book of Remembrance  - this site is of interest to me since my mother's family lived in Shirehampton for some years.  The site commemorates all those from the Parish of St Mary's who died during both World Wars.
  • Royal Belfast Academical Institute - excellent site put together by Alan Curragh in which he gives biographical details, photographs and military service details of over 130 "old boys" who didn't return from the Great War.
  • Woolwich Polytechnic Memorial - The former Woolwich Poly men who fell in the Great War are listed with biographical information and war service details.
  • World War 1 War Graves - lists graves in cemeteries in France and Belgium, but has a section for war memorials in a dozen Warwickshire villages.
  •  is a very comprehensive site, primarily designed to remember those from the Cheltenham area who fell in the Great War. Really interesting site put together by Jimmy James.
  • Epsom and Ewell History Explorer - the link will take you to the page for "Society" - scroll to the bottom for War Memorials - names are displayed alphabetically.  This is only one part of the site, which has a great deal of content.
  • Stevenage at War includes the names and brief details of local men and women from both World Wars from Stevenage and several surrounding villages.
Names on other databases
  • Maritime Quest has Rolls of Honour for a great many ships and photographs of memorials from around the world.  The main purpose of the site is to record the history of the world's ships - lots of photos.
Commercial  Websites


  • The Long, Long Trail is a very comprehensive site for those researching the British Army in WW1.  It has practical advice on how to research individuals as well as information on the structure of the Army and campaign histories.  Really great site.
  • The Great War Forum is a sister site for The Long, Long Trail.  You need to sign up to get the best out of the site (yes, of course I have).  Some extremely knowledgable people posting on the site, which can be a bit intimidating, but worth it if you are stuck on a particular piece of research.
  • The Western Front Association is an organisation formed to further interest in WW1 and perpetuate the memory of all those fighting on the Western Front, so useful if your interest lies with a combatant from outside the UK.  Membership welcomed (yes, I have joined!).
  • First World  - provides brief outlines of various aspects of the war.  It has a section that gives a potted biography of each of the leading figures in the war, including politicians, commanders and royalty.  Includes several thousand photographs as well as audio and video clips.


Local and Family History


Blowing my own trumpet here!  I've written a number of articles which I hope are good overviews of aspects of World War 1. You can find links to them from my profile page at HubPages:  Judi Bee at HubPages