Monday, 9 May 2011

Military Monday: Plan of action for this week

This week I am researching the "O"s - D M O'Callaghan and D H O'Flaherty.  Early indications are that there is plenty of material on both, though there seems to be no evidence of what links O'Flaherty to Newquay.  

Having joined the War Memorial Trust last week, this week I shall be applying to become a Regional Volunteer.  

I managed to get some photos of the war memorial on Sunday and shall attempt to add these to the blog, possibly as a slideshow.  I may return to the church after yesterday's abortive attempt to photograph the plaques.

I telephoned Newquay Old Cornwall Society last week and have found out that they may have information in their archives about the construction of the war memorial.  Great news, but the archive is only open one day a week and closes at 4.00pm, so I may have to wait until half term to get there.

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