Monday, 6 June 2011

Plan of Action for this week

This week I am planning to

  • post about J Brancker, who has a rather slight connection with Newquay and a well-known relative and J N Rickeard whose family are rather well-known, but only in Newquay.
  • update the post about the SS War Grange - the Newquay Old Cornwall Society were able to give me some additional information.
  • update the post about Berkeley Dealtry.  I am not a lover of celebrity gossip, but for some reason Captain Dealtry's scandalous liaison with Kathleen Klein has captured my imagination.  In pursuit of the full story I have been trawling the newspaper archives and come across the divorce proceedings.  Prepare for a dashing officer, an outraged husband and an absconding wife, the drama unfolding in Weymouth!
  • start a page about the war memorial itself - again, thanks to Newquay Old Cornwall Society I have been able to find out about the controversy surrounding the building of the memorial.


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